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DroverBot Future City

To resolve some of the pressing issues we face in our daily lives. I started developing a high security solutions with Artificial intelligence. Highlighting the need for higher automation in activities like Home, Industries, Health Care and Government especially for a real-time tactical operation.

The above image illustrate how urban airspace might be managed in the future.


Honey Freelance


Started an online marketplace for freelance services to help people in India (especially for those who want to work from home) to grow self-employment. Every individual has certain skillsets which he can demonstrate himself. and complete the tasks assigned and earn money on a per-job basis, charging hourly or daily rates according to the job.


Software As A Service (SaaS)


Many smart marketers and business individuals have brilliant ideas for a product and a great strategy to sell it, but no ability to develop or build it. so I wanted to see if I could build and launch a SaaS company from scratch. And started talking to potential customers – see what pain point they have or come up with a hypothesis based on their own experience. And see what solution they are currently using. By have an advantage over the current solution I had put something together in another angle that I can do it better and cheaper.

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