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The Problem

One of my college’s main campus faculty told me that they often face problem in hostels on water getting spilled out from our overhead water tanks & facing issue with water level management like not able to find which tank is going to empty first and students face problems due it.

The Solution

By installing IoT based water level monitoring systems we can solve this problem.my project is IOT based, this project helps us to know the water level in the tank whether it is in the minimum level or the maximum level and automate auto pumping to all connected tanks with single pump, we’ll get a notification. This monitoring system can also be installed on individual houses / apartments so that one can check water level of their tank in real time from their own comfort and also track their consumption overtime.
And also all the important municipal water tanks the state governments can know the level of water in real time and they can fill the tank on time and also can understand the consumption of water in the area. The collected data can be sent to central government where they can draw national level conclusions on water consumption and anticipate the future.

The Results

Started to build this project for college and ended by a startup company, which introduced RaspBino which is a open platform for the innovators who can build there ideas to reality in various industries like Home Automation, HealthCare Centers, Educational Institutions, Agricultural Development, Smart Vehicles and much more.

  • Government 80% 80%
  • Universities 95% 95%
  • Industries 85% 85%
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